Perfumes created for you

A UNIQUE perfume, created in real time, to convey your personality

Artistic Events

Create a balancing act  Create a balancing act  by adding a sense of smell to your paintings, fashion or design.

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Olfactory Events and Multisensory Evenings

Immerse yourself in TAF’s Olfactory Experiences: Events, trials,, Evenings … A new way to experience perfume.

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TAF Crafted Fragrances
Perfumes created for you

“An experience you will not expect. Fill out a questionnaire that leaves you wondering what the connection might be with perfume. You  then  will meet and get to know a person who just by looking at you has s already understood who you are and what you really are looking fort. His great competence and experience help you to compose YOUR fragrance. Unique, of course very special for me”