Artistic enhancement


Are you an artist, a gallerist or an art curator? Together with TAF you can transform your artistic events into authentic multi-sensory experiences enhancing your works of art through the sense of smell, amplifying the perception of the spectators.

The experiences acquired with the New York artist Frances Middendorf. has allowed us to develop a method where the artist exposes his artistic project to Leonardo Opali from an emotional point of view and together creates the perfume that can express it.

Among the olfactory atmospheres created by TAF for the enhancement of works of art, there is also the event at the Museo del Novecento in Florence, commissioned in 2016 by the architect Gaetano Pesce and curated by Vittorio Sgarbi and Sergio Risaliti, for the exhibition “Majesty betrayed and in 2018 at Padova at “Palazzo della Ragione” .

For information on how we can enhance your works of art with special olfactory atmospheres, please contact us at