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Profumo su misura a domicilio


Customized perfume at home

Whether it is a winery, a luxury hotel, a cultural club or your home, with TAF you can organize small olfactory events unique in your location creating customized perfumes at home for you and your guests.

It’s an exclusive and fun service that develops in 2-3 hours. We discuss the result of our test together and try out different combinations of fragrances together to obtain the personalized perfume for each of the guests.

The creation of customized perfumes at home can be made for individual customers or groups by agreeing on the modalities and choosing the perfume formats between 100 ml, 50 ml

Do you want to be the “landlady” for an olfactory TAF event where we will create customized perfumes at home? Send us an email or call us at +39 328 3097999 to learn more!



Contact us now Tel +39 328 3097999 smell@taf-fragranzeartigianali.com

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