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How to exploit the power of smell in life

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Supervisione in cucina in serata gustolfattiva

GustOlfattive dinners The TAF GustOlfattive Dinners are events that transform a dinner into a multi-sensory experience where taste and smell are reinterpreted by an unexpected and striking perspective. With the gustolfattive evenings, we will demonstrate in a practical and entertaining way, through a series of small sensorial experiments, that “the taste” is 90% olfactory. Each dish, in fact, will use a spice, a flower, a fruit and each course will be “told” in its uniqueness before giving life, together with the others, to a historical perfume made on the spot. In addition, at the end of the evening, it is customary to distribute a package of perfume to the guests (available in sizes from 2 to 100 ml). The TAF GustOlfattive Dinners are designed by Leonardo Opali and adapted to the dishes preferred by the restaurant chef in which they are organized and, for their fun way of promoting the gustolfattiva culture, they are an ideal format for theme nights, company dinners, birthday parties , as well as for those restaurants that want to stand out for the quality and creativity of their offer. Want to know more about the TAF GustOlfattive Dinners? Write to us at smell@taf-fragranzeartigianali.com!

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