Leonardo Opali Perfumer

Perfumer since 1984 and President of Perfumers of the Province of Vicenza for 15 years, Leonardo Opali has a long experience in the world of perfumes. His passion for fragrances has a history studded with special encounters. First of all, the one with Francesca Faruolo and then the Fragrance Atelier with courses and workshops also in collaboration with the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna. Leonardo also attended emerging noses, such as Andy Tauer, Spiros Drosopolus, Oliver Valverde, Martino Cerizza, Cristiano Canali, naturopaths like Marco Valussi and Luigi Cristiano and great masters like Souhitsu Hachiya … just to name a few. The continuous experimentation and the contamination of different worlds have always been at the base of his creative work and that is how he meets artists such as Ilian Rachov and Frances Middendorf. Through these special encounters and olfactory projects related to the world of art we have the achievement of the realization of a multi-sensory project with the famous Architect Gaetano Pesce. The experimentation also finds very special creations such as the ambient scent with digestive herbs for the Chef Stellato Giuliano Baldessari and the anti-stress fragrance that goes with the commercial vehicles of the Volkswagen group. But it is above all thanks to the meeting with the sociologist Mirko Domanti that TAF’s dream begins to make its way, when Leonardo begins to explore the possibility that a person can wear a certain fragrance, provoking particular emotions and feelings in another person. And this is how TAF has come to life by becoming a reality that has chosen not to follow the path of large numbers and which has made craftsmanship the end result of the study of each customer’s personality turning it into , its distinctive feature. Many people have been inspiring d and continue to inspire Leonardo Opali in his work as a fragrance creator. Please get to know them here.