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How to exploit the power of smell in life

 Olfactory celebrations and events

Bring elegance and fun to your wedding parties, engagement, bachelorette parties, birthdays, but also corporate parties and special events for exclusive clubs: with TAF Artisan Fragrances every festive occasion becomes an exclusive multi-sensory experience.
Together with perfumer Leonardo Opali, you can create a perfumed story tailored to the event in order to cheer the party even with workshops and realizations of special series of scented cadeaux for guests.
TAF olfactory events are conceived as real sensory experiences where smell – the most powerful of senses for its ability to trigger memories and emotions – plays the leading role and becomes the non-verbal expressive language par excellence. Nobody will forget the exclusive lived experience anymore.
For companies: Non-verbal communication is vital for man. The most important life choices involve the non-verbal dimension and in particular the “limbic” sense par excellence, the sense of smell.
Its strategic role in the thing and in how we communicate about ourselves is also given by its being able to change many of our perceptions.

Here then is that being able to live new multi-sensorial experiences opens new ways of interpreting the signals that the world sends us and, above all, makes us aware of how we are unconsciously talking to others. This has given grounds for reflection and growth to many companies so far Many agencies have already supported us for olfactory events carried out for clients such as Citroen, Fratelli Branca, Volkswagen, Studio Gaetano Pesce, the Regional Institute of the Veneto Villas and other international clients of the most awarded Russian events agency operating in Italy.
Are you an agency or a company that wants to organize a multi-sensory event? To learn more and receive a tailor made quote, write to smell@taf-fragranzeartigianali.com!



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