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Un giorno con il Profumiere

“One day with the Perfumer” is a unique experience designed for those who have always dreamed of plunging into the magical world of perfumes.

It is an informal day for one or two people during which TAF will bring in the world of the composition of perfume, a world in reality very different from how often it appears.

Starting from the history of perfume, you will start a multi-sensorial journey through the different materials used, sniffing hundreds of rare olfactory notes until you come to compose 2 perfumes, one created with natural materials and the other with the addition of synthetic molecules.

During the lunch break a taste-olfactory lunch will be organized with sensory awareness experiments to give life to a unique experience to give as gifts.

Do you want to be also a perfumer for a day? Contact us at smell@taf-fragranzarteigianali.com!

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