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Perfume Favor: Customized Fragrances For Your Wedding


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Why the idea of ​​a wedding favor perfume? Because there is really no more special moment that deserves to be remembered as the wedding day.
With TAF you can do it in a unique way giving yourself and giving your guests a perfume favor, a fragrance created to tell about you.
For those couples who want to seal their love with a unique fragrance that represents them, we have developed a series of olfactory experiences to enhance the wedding day.
In the house of the couple, in the church and in the other rooms of the ceremony, a perfume made exclusively by the perfumer Leonardo Opali together with the spouses can be diffused.
It can be a fragrance that will enclose itself and tell the story of the couple in different olfactory notes and fragrances. At the end of the ceremony the guests will receive a perfume tailor-made wedding favor.
The wedding favor will have an elegant personalized package with the name of the couple and, to further embellish the case, you can also choose to make the solid brass labels with silk-screened photos of the couple.
A class memory of a magical moment for those who want to amaze.
Do you want to make a TAF Wedding Favor Perfume for your wedding? Write to us at smell@taf-fragranzeartigianali.com for a personalized quote!

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