TAF, The Artisan Fragrance, is a laboratory of bespoke perfumes that, like small sensorial works of art, are created in unique examples of handcrafted fragrances or at the most 100 numbered pieces. The very essence  of TAF was  the result of a dream and the artistic flair of Leonardo Opali, a perfumer with a long experience who reinterprets the figure of the craftsman in a contemporary key.

Mr. Opali is a  creator of fragrances who, after having thoroughly studied the person in front of him, even-though only a questionnaire is used, is able to concoct different essences. He is able to create a distinctive perfume based on the poetry a person has within themselves.. Saying with a perfume is the concept that each TAF fragrance embodies in itself. It is the inspiration that transforms the gesture of wearing a few drops of perfume into a ritual of inner beauty. A fragrance that helps people to tell others who they are, enhancing each other’s uniqueness and enhancing the strong points of character. By means of TAF we have made our mission of craftsmanship, declining this concept not only in the fragrances created but also in the confidentiality that we dedicate to those who choose to give themselves customized perfumes that are created as a sort of biography of personal values ​​and emotions. At the same time craftsmanship is the special care with which we select and use unique natural materials, some from afar, others made with longer craftsmanship

Whether they are unique pieces or part of small numbered collections, the use of rare, non-repeatable materials is what distinguishes Leonardo Opali and TAF from the world of large-scale perfumery. And that’s why TAF manages to create bespoke perfumes that help to improve one’s image towards others. In other words, perfumes that make us feel good about ourselves and with others.

In addition to bespoke perfumes, we also produce perfumed events and special thematic hand-crafted fragrances created for private and corporate events and for any kind of special occasion.

And now that we have introduced ourselves, may your journey into the world of handmade TAF fragrances begins.

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