Workshop for New York City



Parfume Making in Workshop for New York City, for realizing a

 historical scent of ancient Italy and one of modern Italy.

Bill and Frances Middendorf  are in Tambaran Art Gallery whith special guest Leonardo Opali and Kim Gatesman Open January 20, 1918 6 to 8 PM 

PERFUME WORKSHOPS: January 21, 1-6pm At TAMBARAN - 5 E. 82nd Street, New York City 10028 

LEONARDO OPALI will present “The Passion of Palladio Project” at 1pm.
Two workshops will follow:

NEROLA” 2:30-4pm ($25)

We will combine 4 natural materials to understand the structure of a per-
fume and the ‘technique of doubling’. The class is adapted to all skill levels.

Each participant will learn the 17th century orange blossom perfume recipe
used by the Duchess Anna Maria Orsini.
We will recreate Leonardo Opali’s modern perfume based on a Villa in the

Veneto region of Italy. We will combine natural materials with complex syn-
thetics. This workshop is adapted for those who have taken Workshop 1 or

who have some experience in making perfumes.
For a comprehensive course, it is recommended to take both workshops.
A light lunch will be available throughout the afternoon.

The cost is a pure cost of glass bottle with golden valve, essential oils, alcohol for perfume and cards with formulas

Link ad un evento simile in lingua italiana